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Hello All , 

Welcome to my museum. My name is Anshul and I am also known as "History Hunter" in India. History hunter because I love History. I love collecting History. By profession I am an engineer pass out from BITS Pilani and is a Phd. Scholar. My grandfather was into collecting so I was engaged in this pursuit as far as I remember. I also have few antiquities passed on to me from my grandfather. He was lucky to get them from one of a friend of Mortimer Wheeler named Victor. He has a hand written note from the Man Himself!! which was accompanied by those few artifacts. 

My collection is huge and it requires lot of space , time and effort to maintain. Now its almost 15 years which I have invested in collecting these from all over the world and looking forward for opening up a museum. I started sharing my collecting with the world from 2017 where in I had an exhibition at India International Center , New Delhi with an NGO and has also shared my collecting to few printed media houses.

I am also a certified preservation and conservator from Government of India and also trained on the Archaeological Methods by American Institute of Indian Studies. I am interested in History since the beginning and participates in various events.  

This is a very basic catalog of my huge collection which consists or Newspapers,Historic Documents, Postacards,Antiquities, Stamps, War Medals , Letters, Games etc.. The unique USP of my collection is that all the things in my collection are dated and authenticated by renowned experts in their fields. Now the next step I am looking for some help from the govt. to set up a unique museum in India. 

This website can be accessed either by visiting each Item of the collection or by visiting Collections. A separate Exhibit's are themed functionality which can be accessed for a particular interest. For example Collection can have numerous numbers of Historical Newspapers but Exhibit can have a presentation of India's Freedom Struggle by using various items from my collection. 

I hope you will like this small humble design of my website. You can mail me personally for any suggestions queries  anshul@historyhunter.in

You can also follow me on twitter : historyhunter_ (don't foget underscore after historyhunter)

Happy History Hunting..

Anshul Kaushik